Lofro Backpack

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"Lofro was born out of an affection for urban, comfortable living, and a longing for vacations.

In this bag, you can fit every idea of yours. It's like the best buddy with whom you can steal, go shopping, have picnics, and seaside trips.

It's the companion who will take your clothes to the gym and bring wine when you're on a spontaneous date. This spacious bag will serve you for everything. Thanks to its boxy shape, you can fit the whole world in it and explore the entire world with it – it's perfect for planes, weekend getaways, long excursions, and short trips to the vegetable market.

I'm a mom, I know what it means to be prepared for every occasion, possibility, and action. This bag always comes in handy, has proven itself in all conditions.

Today, I'm handing it over to your capable hands. Make full use of its unlimited possibilities."

Hania ...

Our Products

Lofro Basic

From this bag, everything began. It is the result of hours of discussions, long-term plans, and the spark that still motivates Lofro. Lofro Basic is our flagship bag. It was created to hold the whole world, to accompany every day, not only during shopping (though that's obvious!) but also during outings, trips, walks, and playtime. It's designed to be with us when we have an entire week planned, but also when our lives are guided by spontaneity and carefreeness.

How much can you fit in one main compartment and six smaller pockets.

And how much do you need to pack for the weekend? Don't be surprised when you find out you can fit more than you thought. And it's done in an aesthetic, orderly, and organized way. Forget about overturning everything to find one item that got lost at the bottom. The Lofro bag keeps things in order, even when you're a scattered optimist who always says that sooner or later, you'll find what you're looking for. :)

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Le backpack


When you're a mom of two kids, having both hands free is worth its weight in gold. The Lofro backpack is a very spacious urban backpack. Although its appearance immediately brings to mind a trip to all European capitals, it will prove itself primarily as a daily companion on the home-school-store-walk-home route.

When you run out of energy and won't know whether to hold your child's hand, keep the dog on a leash, or carry the shopping bag, the Lofro backpack will take care of all your purchases, toys, water bottles, and lunch boxes. You can pack everything that an active woman needs throughout the day.

PS Tested! This backpack is also perfect for an older child for school and extracurricular activities.

599 PLN

Lofro XXL

Can you desire an even more capacious, even bigger bag? Absolutely, and you should! This bag makes an impression at first glance, but what's truly important, you'll discover after a moment. It's a bag that transforms along with you. At times, it's a travel bag where you toss in your cosmetics, a change of clothes, and three books, only to morph into the bag of a startup owner who has her entire success plan with her moments later. After work, it becomes the bag for family shopping, which usually ends with a stroll and an ice cream outing. It also serves as a "date" bag, containing both heels and champagne, a blanket, and a bowl of strawberries. You pack all of this into the Lofro XXL, sling it over your shoulder, and feel that you're well-prepared. And that is a very pleasant feeling.

599 PLN

Lofro Midi bag

One thing you'll find in all Lofto products is the combination of aesthetics and functionality. Lofto Midi is no exception—beautiful, minimalist, with a simple shape, yet very spacious and versatile. A bag you can't do without shouldn't be too small or too heavy. It should collaborate, not sabotage your daily activities. :) If you dream of a personal assistant that will hold, hide, maintain order, and always be in good shape—take a look at Lofto Midi and say hello to your new everyday bag for special tasks, but also for those completely ordinary.

579 PLN

Sasshy - little pocket bag

"A slim purse, perfect for occasions when you only need lipstick, your phone, and a credit card. This sleek bag is designed for minimalism, offering just enough space for your essentials on a night out or a quick errand. With enough room for the bare necessities, it's both stylish and practical, allowing you to carry only what you truly need while adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble."

269 PLN

Le petit Lofro - cross body bag

"A small, waxed cotton hip bag that excels as both a fanny pack and a crossbody bag, especially when you're out exploring or have little ones in tow, and need your hands free. Crafted from durable waxed cotton, this versatile bag is designed for convenience and style. Its compact size makes it ideal for storing essentials like your phone, wallet, and keys, while the adjustable strap allows you to wear it comfortably around your waist or across your body. Perfect for hands-free activities, whether you're sightseeing or keeping up with energetic kids. This bag seamlessly combines practicality and fashion for the on-the-go lifestyle."

289 PLN

Le grande Lofro -crossbody bag

"Beautiful details and huge capacity.

You can literally fit everything in there – your phone, cosmetics, and your favorite party lipstick. A notebook or a whole basic set to say 'ready for work' or a meeting. If you're on the go with kids, throw in a diaper and wet wipes, along with a water bottle, and you have everything you need to survive a shopping trip in the supermarket with a child. You can fit much more – diaper cream, hand cream, and whatever else you need. The question is, what else?! :)"

329 PLN

Lofro Italia

"This is the model that quickly takes over your wardrobes and outfits. One of your favorite bags. Perfect for every outing, just like every Lofro. Inside the pockets, it can accommodate bottles, a lunch box, cosmetics, and sneakers – you're ready for both work and a workout. And who doesn't dream of a bag that can also hold post-workout shopping?!? This is precisely that bag, elegant and sporty, suitable for work and the beach. Everything you need in one bag."

489 PLN

LOFRO Spiaggia - Beach bag

"If you love the beach as much as your kids do, but always find packing all those things complicated and end up carrying 2 or maybe more bags, I'm here to help!! This bag is our MUST-HAVE for every busy and hardworking mom (and not only).

Here, you can pack everything you need for an outing with the kids and more. The organization in this bag takes it to the next level. Every even the smallest thing will find its pocket and its place. They say the perfect bag doesn't exist, but that's not true, ours are all perfect and literally for everything."

469 PLN

Lofro JUNIOR Lofro

"This little Lofro backpack will fit all the treasures of your little one, whether they are a tiny tot or a sweet school kid. An irreplaceable buddy for the preschool, school, trips, beach outings, and forest adventures. Perfect, just like the rest of the Lofro family."

269 PLN

Materials we use

Wax cotton is consider to be more environmentally friendly product than some alternatives, but it has its ecological pros and cons

Ecological Advantages:

  • Durability: Waxed cotton is durable and can be used multiple times, reducing waste. The waxing also provides waterproofing, making it effective against rain and moisture.

  • Plastic-Free: Unlike single-use plastic bags, waxed cotton is made from natural materials, decreasing its environmental impact.

  • Biodegradability: Both cotton and the wax used for impregnation are biodegradable. This means that after use, they do not create long-lasting waste.

While waxed cotton offers these ecological benefits, it's essential to consider its production process, including the sourcing of materials and any additional treatments applied. Overall, it stands as a more sustainable choice compared to certain alternatives.

Materials we use

In the summer collection, we also use linen, produced in Poland. Linen fibers are natural plant fibers obtained from the flax plant.

Such fabrics are typically sturdy, durable, and have a smooth surface. Due to their high grammage, these fabrics can be used for various purposes, especially where strength and resistance to wear are required, as is the case with bags.